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Home Upgrades Buyers Want Now

As the coronavirus pandemic continues across the U.S., home inventory remains low and the market is still hot. Now is the ideal time for those who have been longing for a larger space to list their homes and take the leap to a bigger abode. For buyers thinking of preparing their homes to sell, there are many improvements that can be made to appeal to those searching for a new home during the pandemic. Here are a few:

Outdoor space – with so many Americans spending more time at home, a nice outdoor living space can help relieve a case of cabin fever! Adding an outdoor fire pit or some heaters can even make the space useable for the winter in many climates.

Office space – homeowners need a dedicated office space as many continue to work from home on a daily basis. Sellers should consider staging a room in their home as an office space to appeal to buyers.

Home gym – many people are choosing to stay away from the gym during the pandemic and using their homes as a workout space. It is a good idea to stage a room or a corner of a room as a space where buyers can see themselves doing future home workouts.

In-law suite – as multi-generational households become more popular, buyers are looking for a space that will suit their living situations. Before listing, spruce up in-law suites, guest homes and garage apartments to make them stand out to buyers.

Looking for more tips on what buyers are seeking in homes in the time of covid-19? Click here.

If you are interested in selling your current home and purchasing a new home this year, call me! I would love to set up an appointment where we can discuss your financial options.


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